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Recording your activities

It's quick and easy to record what you've been doing to save energy in your school. This 2 minute video will show you how.

Getting started with Energy Sparks: What's on the pupil dashboard

An introduction for pupils to what they will find when they log in to Energy Sparks.

How to use the transport survey tool to calculate the carbon emissions from your school commute

This short video will show you how to use the Energy Sparks transport survey tool. This tool can calculate the carbon emissions created by your pupils and staff on their commute to school. You will be able to use this data to reduce your carbon emissions.

Layer Up Power Down Day Assembly

A video guide and call to action for your Layer Up Power Down Day - asking your pupils to wear warm clothes rather than putting up the heat and to stop wasting energy by heating an empty school.

Energy Sparks - an introduction

An introduction to the Energy Sparks energy management tool and education programme

Saundersfoot CP school and Energy Sparks

Saundersfoot CP School pupils talk about the Energy Sparks work they've been doing with Awel Aman Tawe and quiz their headteacher and caretaker about the school's energy use.

An introduction to Energy Sparks for eco teams

Find out why reducing your school's energy use is a effective way to tackle the climate emergency.

Energy Saving at School with Energy Sparks and Freshford Church School

Pupils from Freshford Church School talk about their school's energy saving journey working with Energy Sparks.

Getting started with Energy Sparks: the adult dashboard

A quick guide to the adult dashboard for users of the Energy Sparks school energy efficiency programme.

Embedding energy literacy across the curriculum

The Ministry of Eco Education teacher CPD sharing session where we shared our ideas on embedding energy literacy and action within the curriculum.

Getting started with Energy Sparks - activities and programmes

A quick overview to how schools can use Energy Sparks activities and programmes to reduce their energy consumption and cut carbon emissions.

Reducing your out of hours electricity use

A guide to analysing and reducing your school's out of hours energy consumption

Setting your school targets

How to set targets to achieve reductions in your school's energy consumption

Quick energy tip - keep classroom windows free of clutter

How to set up your school account on Energy Sparks

A step-by-step overview to setting up your school account on Energy Sparks

Managing your storage heaters

Poorly managed storage heating system can rack up the costs for schools. Find out how to analyse your storage heaters using the Energy Sparks programme.

Energy Spies

What does a lightbulb have to do with climate change?

Setting up community use of your school's energy

If your school is used frequently out of hours by community groups you may want to be able to identify specific community use of your school' energy. This video shows how you can set your school timings to distinguish community group use from official school use.

How schools can work with local initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint.

A webinar delivered as part of the B&NES Climate & Biodiversity Festival on September 14th, 2021.